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Where foundational principles inspire future practices.
December 14-17, 2022 | Orlando, FL

Celebrating 37 years, the most anticipated psychotherapy event of the year is taking on the city built on imagination with a refreshed and innovative format. This year, we endeavor not only to review the foundational principles laid by the luminaries, but also to provide a forum for our future leaders to build upon those principles and inspire future practices.

In four education-filled days, enjoy an integrated forum where the masters of psychotherapy, breakout thinkers, and on-the-ground professionals will connect, engage, support, and reinvigorate your passion for the field of psychotherapy—all in the heart of sun-filled and fun-filled Orlando. See for yourself what the Evolution of Psychotherapy Orlando conference is all about!

Conference Highlights

Meet with the field’s leading innovators in our world-class exhibit hall, peruse the exclusive onsite bookstore, unlock local deals for Orlando's globally sought attractions, and so much more!

Practice-Changing Days
Globally Renowned Speakers
Live CE/CME Credits
Who is Eligible to Attend?

The conference is open to professionals with a master’s degree or equivalent in mental health and health-related fields from accredited institutions as well as graduate students in accredited programs in mental health and health-related fields who supply a letter from their department certifying their student status as of December 2022.

Marriage and Family Therapists
Clinical and Counseling Psychologists
Psychiatric Social Workers
Pastoral Counselors
Nurse Practitioners
Graduate Students in Accredited Programs in the Above Fields
And more...
A Refreshed, Reformatted Agenda - Crafted by the Experts & Inspired by You
Meet Masters
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the unifying principles that have guided effective clinical care for decades.
Hear New Voices
Take part in our reTHINK session series and be challenged to reimagine what it means to deliver exceptional patient care.
Earn Credits
Enjoy a targeted learning experience offering 25+ live CME/CE credits across 4 compact days or 60+ on-demand credits with the Maximum Credit Package.
This year, we’re embracing what an evolution truly means — to change, develop, and grow. We’re expanding upon the fundamentals of effective care, by inviting new voices to the stage and covering emerging, future-focused topics.

Jeff Zeig, PhD

Therapy, by its very nature, is an unusual conversation. Its methods are unusual. But the unusual serves a purpose, namely, evocative impact.

Jeff Zeig, PhD

Featured Speakers

We're thrilled to welcome back many of the masters of psychotherapy, while also introducing some new voices during a series of short, impactful "reTHINK" presentations.

Diane Ackerman, MA, MFA, and PhD from Cornell University
Bestselling author of 26 books of prose and poetry

Presenting on: Fear and Healing in the Human Age
Helen Fisher, PhD
Internationally-renowned Neuroscientist and Biological Anthropologist
Chief Scientific Advisor,
Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, NeuroColor
Senior Research Fellow, The Kinsey Institute

Presenting on: The Biology of Good Relationships: How to Build Vibrant Relationships, Reduce Stress and Live a Longer, Healthier Life, Using Neuroscience
Otto F. Kernberg, MD, FAPA
Director, Personality Disorders Institute, The New York Presbyterian Hospital, Westchester Division
Professor of Psychiatry, Weill Medical College, Cornell University

Presenting on: New Developments in the Psychotherapy of Chronic Delusional States and The Diagnosis and Treatment of Personality Based Chronic Suicidal Tendencies
Stephen W. Porges, PhD
Author of The Polyvagal Theory: Neurophysiological Foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communication, and Self-regulation

Presenting on: The Polyvagal Theory
Daniel Siegel, MD
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Mindsight Institute

Presenting on: IntraConnected as MWe (Me plus We)
Heather Berlin, PhD, MPH
Associate Clinical Professor Of Psychiatry And Neuroscience
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai

Presenting on: Neural Implants & Deep Brain Stimulation
Robin Carhart-Harris, PhD
Director of Psychedelics Division, Neuroscape
Ralph Metzner Distinguished Professor of Neurology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Weill Institute for Neurosciences, University of California San Francisco

Presenting on: Psychedelics
Sheryl Gonzales-Ziegler, PsyD
The Child and Family Therapy Center at Lowry

Presenting on: Modern Mothering and Burnout
Mary Frances-O'Connor, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Arizona

Presenting on: Complicated Grief

To see the full list of faculty at this year's conference, visit our Faculty and Speakers page.