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Think Positive Psychology with Marty Seligman

seligman evolution psychotherapy conferenceHow to create a blog about Marty Seligman offering a keynote and conversation hour at the upcoming Evolution Conference? Think: “learned helplessness.” Think: “Positive Psychology.” If you Google those concepts, you’ll see they are based in Marty’s work. You will also find that Marty Seligman is one of the world’s most cited psychologists.

In addition, want to know about proactive approaches to preventing depression? Building resilience? Fostering optimism? Reference Marty Seligman.

His popular books on positive psychology include, The Optimistic Child, Learned Optimism, Authentic Happiness, and Flourish. And his 20 books have been translated into 45 languages. He has also written more than 275 articles for scholarly publications.

Marty’s mission has been the promotion of positive psychology and in his December 15th keynote, “Positive Interventions and Positive Education,” he will present cutting edge research, techniques, and applications. The following day, on December 16th, he will offer a conversation hour entitled, The Hope Circuit, in which he will discuss learned helplessness, preparedness, prospective psychology, and positive psychology.

I happen to know another facet of Marty’s genius: playing bridge. I am a Bronze Life Master, which means that on a good day I can play at an advanced level. But, Marty is a world class player. Strategic thinking is essential in playing bridge…so is understanding inference, and Marty has both these skills mastered. I have partnered with him at the bridge table and I have played against him. I’ll admit, I’d rather partner with him.

I am glad that Marty has once again partnered with us to be a keynote speaker at this year’s Evolution Conference. He is been, and no doubt will be again, one of our most popular speakers. I have learned from Marty Seligman at the bridge table, and I have benefitted professionally from his remarkable contributions. I will be honored to introduce his keynote at Evolution 2017.

Find out more about Marty Seligman’s presentation, as well as who else is presenting at the upcoming Evolution of Psychotherapy by clicking here.

Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D.

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