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Psychotherapy ethics. OMG! I need a course for re-licensure. OMG! I need a course to protect myself so I can practice within the limits of my profession. OMG! All the classes I’ve taken on ethics have been SO boring!

steve frankel evolution of psychotherapy law and ethics

Steve Frankel, PhD, JD

Fortunately, at the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference there will be a Law and Ethics pre-conference workshop on December 12th, led by Steven Frankel, PhD, JD, that will not the same old, same old dull, humdrum ethics course. You don’t have to be register for the Full Conference to attend Dr. Frankel’s event and receive CEU credits! Register for the L & E seminar by clicking here.

Steve has been an Erickson Foundation conference faculty member for decades. He has consistently been one of our highest rated speakers. I have attended a dozen of his classes and the lessons I have learned are invaluable. His courses are filled with wit and wisdom and I can’t think of a person more qualified to teach psychotherapy laws and ethics. This is a course you will not want to miss.

Steve is a practicing license board defense attorney and clinical/forensic psychologist. For more than a decade, he served as full-time faculty member in the clinical psychology program at the University of Southern California. For five of those years he was director of their clinical training program. In addition to his legal practice, Steve is a practicing therapist, specializing in dissociative disorders and the treatment of trauma.

The Laws and Ethics pre-conference program offers attendees either four or six hours of continuing education credit in ethics. Here’s what Steve will present:


“What Goes Around” is a six-hour law/ethics workshop and is focused on recent and emerging developments in law and ethics that will impact clinicians of all disciplines, starting with changes to child abuse reporting obligations, then moving to cover changes for custody evaluators, record-keeping and maintenance, emerging issues and risks regarding tele-health practice, updates on duties to inform and warn when violent behavior may occur, modifications of laws concerning “retirement” of professionals, receiving subpoenas, testifying in court, risk management for supervisors, suicide risk management, and “selected slippery slopes.”

Educational Objectives:

  1. Identify at least two recent developments in law/ethics that may have national impact.
  2. List at least two concerns regarding child abuse reporting for downloading child pornography.
  3. Identify at least two “slippery slopes”—high risk areas for clinicians.

Bring your questions and sense of humor to this valuable course. You will be educated and entertained. See you there!

Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD

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